Every person needs a place where he
can get out of his mind in peace.

Both cabins are planted in an enchanted view
close to wadi Matat,
at the heart of a young forest
of Oaks and Pistachia.
Looking out the window a view
of the reserve of Katlav trees
and inside endless love.

Disk in the compact disk
fire in the fireplace
and you'll never want to leave the place.
We built the interior of the cabins
with our own hands with a lot of love
and connection to nature.

A double Jacuzzi in a genesis
atmosphere in front of an amazing view,
open to the bedroom,
the television is connected to YES Cables
and lots of nature and tranquility around.


The kitchenette is fully equipped
with everything you need, an air-conditioner,
very big porch wrapped in an amazing forest.
Disconnect yourself from all that's left behind,
sit on the porch and get out of your mind in peace.

The Cabin is suited for couples only !

For reservations:
Shay & Tamar
(Cell. phone is off when we are at home)

Until 21:00

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