The Pluralistic Spiritual Center


The Pluralistic Spiritual Center
in Memory of Father Bruno Hussar

The House of Silence and the Pluralistic Spiritual Center were initiatives of Ann LeMeignen and Bruno Hussar, founders of Neve Shalom – Wahat al-Salam. Both buildings are found at the far end of the village next to a forested area, surrounded by natural greenery and offering a breathtaking vista over the Latrun Valley. The domed House of Silence, with its special acoustical properties, is dedicated to silent contemplation or prayer. The Center, inaugurated in 2006, has two spacious meeting halls, a small kitchen and a courtyard. “Doumia” in Hebrew derives from a biblical verse (“Silence [doumia] is the praise of God”: Psalm 65:2), and the origin of “Sakinah” in Arabic is a verse from the Quran (“He, who sends peace and silence [sakinah] to the hearts of believers to augment their belief”: Quran 48:4).

The Pluralistic Spiritual Center memorializes the visionary who first conceived of the village, Father Bruno Hussar, and the tradition he bequeathed to its residents, as stewards of a place for study, contemplation and the quest for peace within each of us and peace between all of us.

The Center’s activities combine the spiritual dimension in education with peace activism, a belief in the values of equality, justice and reconciliation.
The programs are inspired by the spiritual traditions and sources of both peoples – Jews and Palestinians – and by other peoples as well, and stress open, interfaith, intercultural discussion in the service of peace activism. Programming is designed for village residents and for the public at large. The halls may be hired for programming consonant with the spirit of the place.